The Darkness "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" Music Video

Posted by: Rachel on the 15th of February, 2012, 1 comment
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Thom Lessner & Ted Passon (directors and creators of this kick ass animation) are the new kings of Rock& Roll music videos. The video takes us on an sick journey into the mind of child's rock doodles/drawings; splashing in Thin Lizzy/Queen references, Wizards and kick flips, transforming a guitarist into guitars, and giving american youth a second chance with 70's Rock nostalgia. Plus an endless array of detailing that will have you watching the video over and over until pizza guy finally arrives.

Not going to lie. This has been blasting on repeat in my studio. Enjoy.

Download the track for free from

Check out Thom lessner art, too. He's pretty redic:


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