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Following your favorite artists you get introduced to other artists, when they collab on a piece of work together. I was introduced to Daek William's work back in 2011 when Yok x Twoone x Daek painted a wall in Brooklyn. Since then I followed Daek's career to see more of his amazing work. Thanks to Kingbrown, the opportunity to interview Daek came up and this is how it turned out. Enjoy.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I like coffee and cigarettes in the morning. breakfast around lunchtime. I wake up to a couple of rounds of online games, Simple pleasures. I watch movies while painting, however i probably only see about 30% of every movie i watch. I like stalking babes on instagram. @daekwilliam whats up! Bit of a creep but you'll love it, cups of tea in the afternoon, terrible at drinking, really good at eating sweets, musically challenged, far from fashion conscious, good hair, really good at the internet, 5 years deep in the painting game, acrylics inside, the spray raps on the walls.

Read on your site that you was an assistant for Kidzoom. How was that experience?

KidZ and I go way back to the myspace days. So the opportunity to help a brother out is just what good friends do. The experience obviously was awesome, traveling around America to places you would not normally decide to go. Eatnpark at 3am in Cleveland, taking a bear on a road trip, accidentally being on set for a jay z film clip just a few of the nutty advantages of working with Ian. Im in no way surprised by his success and I didn't imagine there'd be so many guy and girl crushes on that infamous character.

I remember when I first saw the Cleopatra painting for your "Still Under The Influence" show in 2011, I was stunned. I couldn't believe how good you are. A style I never saw done before. How did your style come about? Any Influences?

My style came about from not having a 'style' I could not chose what I wanted to paint over and over again. I was jealous of cats like Yok, Kid Zoom and Arye. I figured that the origami layout was the best way I could combine anything I felt like painting into a piece and luckily I think it has worked, but as always just gotta keep on the grind. I am majorly influenced by other artists such as Craola, Zoom, particularly digital painters and tattooists. Basically inspired by the work I cant do but wish I could!

Your next solo exhibition is coming soon, can you tell us a bit about whats going to go down. What can people expect? Anything similar to your last solo show?

This time round I've gone and painted everything I like and hopefully what others like too! There is no one set theme on this show. Very interactive! Scratch and sniff paintings anyone? Hyper color? Walking in clouds! Delicious sweets and liquor treats hopefully i get all the senses going. Most of the work painted in my studio in NYC so a punch in the face from American pop culture combined with the humble Australian suburban kid.

Whats a Kingbrown to you?

Year 10 house party vb Kingbrown, 3 for $10 if I remember correctly. Drank one, was drunk no need for 2 more. Oh and I just pretended to like the taste of beer to. ughhh im lame.

Thank you Daek, you can catch more of Daek's work at his up coming exhibition opening July 2nd at the Linton & Kay Galleries in Perth.
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