NZ Styles

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All Fresco from Sacha Stejko Productions on Vimeo.


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A little teaser from walls completed at ALL FRESCO 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. To see a full set of images from the weekend check out

Owen Dippie, photograph by Erin Dippie
Drypnz in progress, photograph by Cleo Barnett
Askew One by Route52
Xoe Hall

SKIN by Tom Gould

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SKIN from Tom Gould on Vimeo.


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Street art, New Zealand styles.

BMD | Fuk Shark Finners

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b m d | Instagram

From New Plymouth, to Wellington. Fuk Shark Finners.


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If you have ever visited the windy capital city of New Zealand you no doubt would have seen a DRYPNZ character or two. Here are a few words with the young artist who has been doing big things.

Name, age, where are you from?
Jon Drypnz, 1987. Portsmouth, England / St. Croix, USVI / Wellington, New Zealand.

You've been living and working from Wellington New Zealand for a while now, can you tell us about the city you currently call home?
Wellington is somewhat individual, unpredictable weather most of the time. It is a quiet little city that stays awake as long as it can. Its economic downturn has allowed the creative sorts to flourish and it is beginning to show with the corners starting to show their true colors. At the moment things are picking up in regards to being a self directed layabout, but I'm sure you'll start hearing more about Wellington in the years to come, if it all continues along this path.

How do you describe your work to strangers?
Dogmatic figurative abstractions.

So what's up with the little heads man?
Seems a few people do big heads, some started to doing similar ones to what I was doing so I thought why not try creating a figure that was the same but the opposite to what I had been doing previously. I was also disturbed by the 'Beetle Juice' film when I was growing up, so that might have something to do with it.


w/ PNTR,

Most awkward moment while painting outdoors?
I've had a few moments, but the most topical might have to be the time I had to calm an old woman down. She was growing 'organic' vegetables in the city and complaining that my aerosol cans were ruining how organic they were. The next was getting hit over the head with a hammer in Melbourne suburbs because some guys thought I was Karl, turns out I wasn't Karl.

What else are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working out new ideas, as usual, and experimenting with spacial installations. There are also plans of some travels on the horizon, local and international excursions. We also have some shows coming up, one is the second annual fundraising exhibition for The Little Lotus Project, some good people involved in that one. Some stuff happening in Melbourne with the Just Another family. There is also the second Graffiato Festival in Taupo next month. Other than that just more walls, trying to get them where and when ever possible, the pocket is only so deep.

Studio essentials?
Pencil and paper, and then the walls, the roof, and the floor.

Favourite colour(s) and materials to work with if money was no obstacle?
Possibly a dessert orange, near black green, near black purple, light turquoise/teal, and white. These as matching tones of both aerosol and acrylic/emulsion/latex pain, a extendable pole, a hover board, an assistant/ morale-booster, some chips, drink, idea rememberer device, and a ride home.

Plus my ideas are on, you won't want to steal them.


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We are super excited to check out Askew One's show opening next week in Auckland, New Zealand. If you're in the city of sales this is a must see show for sure!

ASKEW ONE - SMOKE SIGNALS SHOW from Askew One on Vimeo.


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How has your experience as an artist been in Auckland compared to other cities you have visited?
I stay in my room a lot more. This is good because I drink less often and am more productive. New Zealanders are a pretty talented bunch and although Auckland may seem slow when your stuck in it there is a lot happening and room for more. In other city centres all the lowbrow/outsider galleries, social media etc seems fairly established and it can seem suffocating if you want to try to get into those networks. It seems easier to set up your own thing here but alot more likely that no one will ever know if you do.

You're definitely one of the faces I associate with K Road, a neighborhood in Auckland like no other. What's your favourite thing about being a K road local?
The people, the people, the people! The history of debauchery and the quiet acceptance of outsiders. The scumbags and alkies, the young hipsters who don't know what their up to, the eccentric jaded artists and performers and the grumpy dairy owners. All together they keep K'Happy interesting.

What is Method and Manners?
Method and Manners is a shared studio space on Upper Queen St in Auckland (Queen St is the main rd in Auckland CBD). We set it up two years ago because it was too hard to join other peoples studios and each of us involved needed a space to work. There are thirteen artists working there now. It's not a collective; each person that works there has their own professional creative practice and we just provide the space. The building itself is a gem and belongs to the neatest father and son team I know. They've been running an electrical repairs shop downstairs for more than 30 years. Our space up top used to be the call out centre for electricians back in the day. We're the first people they've ever rented it to and they like us and we like them.

Method of Manners just had celebrated its second birthday, big congrats! What are your future plans for the space?
Me and my business partner just signed another two-year lease on the space which is excellent. We have been talking about hosting exhibitions in the kitchen area (which backs onto our own private
carpark which backs onto a cemetery which backs on to 'K'Rd) for the past two years so hopefully we get round to it in the next two!

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now I am working on an illustrated series for reproduction in lurid coloured acrylics and heavy Indian ink outlines. They look like eighties stickers outta chewing gum packets. Film is good too but my camera died when I went down to paint at the graffiato festival in Taupo.

Follow me on to check out my recent works.

Upcoming projects your looking forward to in 2012?
I'm working on EYESORE a series of paintings that look like bubble gum sticker art. I'm going to put them in as many places as possible. It gets a little sad when your work only gets viewed for two weeks at an exhibition or two hours/minutes at an opening so I'm experimenting with different ways of presenting my work. We're making a yearbook for K'Rd this year and my work has decided they want me to help them open a museum. I could always do more!

And on an end note, last question. Do you have a Dream Project?
A massive installation somewhere like the Gagosian or Collette would be nice now wouldn't it? Well it would definitely be useful. What I'd really like to do though is buy up a couple of dirty cheap
old properties in obscure parts of New Zealand and establish a trust to donate them to as artists retreats... I'd love to make a few books...A comic book would be rad. And paint some more, draw some more.

Eye 3
Sticker 1
Wild Kat