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Inner Myths from Shida on Vimeo.

Backwoods Gallery is proud to present Inner Myths, a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by Shida.

The exhibition is a dynamic record of Shida's development as an artist who envisions infinite worlds. Considering an array of approaches, through Inner Myths, he synthesises styles as diverse as Science Fiction Art, French Post-Impressionism and Russian Symbolist Art in his depiction of ethereal realities. Influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nikolai Kalmakov, for Inner Myths, as Australia's most prolific young street artist, Shida reinvokes two centuries of art history in his characteristic style.

Inner Myths presents a refined body of works, demonstrating that Shida is an asset to Australian contemporary art, who is constantly challenging himself against the sources of his inspiration.

Inner Myths by Shida
Friday the 4th of July
Melbourne, Australia

Shida - ecstacy in the abyss

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Solo exhibition by Shida, who's recently moved to Melbourne. It's on at Backwoods Gallery, April 19th.
Stay tuned for Kingbrown issue 9, where you'll be able to see more fine line works by Shida.

A Virtual Sit Down With Shida

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Name, age, where are you from?
Shida, 22, Gold Coast Australia

Describe where you live at the moment.
At the moment I've been traveling for the last 4 months, before that the last year I didn't live anywhere for more than a few months at a time. I think I'm searching for home at the moment and the more places I go the harder it's getting to decide.

Study or self taught?
Self taught. Tried art school but dropped out.




If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
Everyone says I'm terrible at describing my own work. I think its energy, bright colours, natural stokes and fractals.
All my work is based in the same wall, with each work breathing life and adding to the saga. My art has evolved into a kind of voice for me, while it certainly escapist a lot of my life finds its way in, it's all ecstasy, tension, relationships and memories put through a Shida filter.

You're always on the move. What sort of studio space do you manage?
I haven't had a proper studio ever. It been tiny apartments or parents garages and now it's a studio that fits in a backpack, a studio in the street. I really miss having a home but at the moment I feel like I need to achieve something before I deserve to settle.

Average day in the life of Shida?
I try to do something for my art every day. Sometimes, especially when you are traveling this can be difficult but I just try making the most of what I have to work with and enjoy myself. In the city I love to walk, put up stickers, watch the people, get a coffee, pick out spots, think about my work. On the weekend I see my friends and crew, go dancing celebrate my weeks achievements.

What do the next few months look like?
I have a show opening in Vienna at INOPERAbLE the 9th, from there I'm heading to Poland, London and then Paris. Then the real traveling begins, I plan to Eurail form Lisbon to Athens.