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NEW MURAL IN TOWN by Andrew Schoultz

Posted by: Laura on the 17th of May, 2013, 2 comments
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New outdoor masterpiece from San Francisco based artist Andrew Schoultz, assisted by the legendary Dennis Kernohan

the empty canvas how it looked before

Special thanks to Dennis Kernohan, Guerrero Gallery and Andrew Schoultz for the all the pictures

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Posted by: Clug on the 20th of February, 2013, 75 comments
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Heres the prequel to our little interview. Mike Giant whipping up a wall in chinatown, Summer 2012. Took a little less than 4 hours, no sketching just straight to business.

THE DEVIL HAS WORK FOR IDLE HANDS - John Seabury ( aka Pyno man ) at Steven Wolf Gallery, San Francisco.

Posted by: Laura on the 9th of December, 2012, 3 comments
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I've always had a passion for rock bands posters, expecially if they are from the beautiful 70's, and this John Seabury show "The Devil has Work for Idle Hands", currently on at Steven Wolf Gallery, definitely blew my mind.

John Seabury story belongs to the Berkley underground music scene from the 1970's when he started designing flyers for his band, THE PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE.

He has since then be more and more acclaimed as a poster designers for rock clubs and bands, while continuing performing with his band as well.
His drawings definitely recall the horror comics, sometimes with a creepy and weird atmosphere inside, somehow disturbing sexual references, or grotesque sarcasm.

The show coincides with two other big events for PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE, a reunion show at Bottom of the Hill in SF on Dec. 9th ( tonight!!) and the (re) release on CD of Psycotic Pineapple sole album.

For more information about the show, just go to STEVEN WOLF FINE ARTS, while if you wanna get more into the Pineapple Psycotic craziness... (HERE!)JOHN SEABURY


Posted by: Laura on the 26th of November, 2012, 4 comments
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As it often happens, when you don't have any special plans or expectations, the unexpected occurs.
Last tuesday I followed the flow of the gallery crew and ended up at Minna 111 for the Sketch Tuesdays night, an event I had heard about, but -who-knows why-never attended before.
For people new in town such as me, the first scene I had in front of my eyes was pretty spectacular.
A long table where some of my favorite artists ( see Breet Amory and David Choong Lee ) where working and creating one close to each other, sharing glimpses, comments, impressions, and,- listen to this-, sell their work fresh from the oven for cheap prices, from like 5$ to 30$ ish.
I mean, it's definitely not something that happens everyday.



(BRETT AMORY and his "HOMIES" series)

The Dj set, the full bar and good vibes are other ingredients that make Sketch Tuesdays at Minna 111, so special.


Sketch Tuesdays, hosted by MINNA 111, is a monthly event, which gathers established and emerging artists from the Bay area without any pretentiousness or ego related stuff.
Everybody enjoys and everyone can be a collector.



More info on the following links here, SKETCH TUESDAYS at MINNA 111

AJ Fosik - Lamplighter to the promised land - Guerrero Gallery

Posted by: Laura on the 20th of November, 2012, 2 comments
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AJ Fosik can ask the wood to behave like wax under his hands, while shaping a new soul for each of his creatures.

The viewer is drawn by each and every details, can't help to get his nose dangerously close to the beast nostrils.

The hands in chin mudra, the big theets, the deep gaze and bright colors of his 3d creatures make your head shaking from the east to the west, from folk tradition to religious fetishes.

Photo Courtesy Thabatha Rosado/

AJ Fosik is a Portland based artist, with many shows on his bio page.

His background includes street art graffiti, wood installation signages, and( guess what )wood construction.

His work has been internationally shown in Paris ( Galerie LJ ) and Brasil , while Denver ( Davis B. Smith Gallery), New York ( Jonathan Levine Gallery ), and his current " Lamplighter to the Promised Land" at GUERRERO GALLERY in San Francisco, are just a few of the solo shows he held in the States so far.

Aj Fosik show at Guerrero Gallery runs till December 8th, and if you are in town, this is one of those NOT TO BE missed.

The show opened last week with a massive reception night.

Photo courtesy: Berlin Thomas

Photo courtesy: Berlin Thomas

Photo courtesy: Berlin Thomas

While if you can't make it, enjoy some installation shots here:

Photo courtesy: Randy Dodson

Photo courtesy: Randy Dodson

Photo courtesy: Randy Dodson

more info on: or