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Gnarly Girl interview with Sheryo

Posted by: Rachel on the 17th of March, 2012, 3 comments
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Describe where you live.
I live at a friend's apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the moment. Love the neighborhood; it's a mix of all sorts of people. The thing about NYC is that there are so many interesting people dressed in different ways and they all come from different places and lead extremely different lives. EVERYONE seem to have heaps of stories, the streets are full of energy. I lived in Cambodia for about 4 months and it was amazing too, but the juxtaposition of opulence and poverty got a little depressing at times. I also discovered this amazing bookstore near the apartment, it's called the Desert Island. Every time I go in there I bug out on all the self-published zines and books and whatnot.

Where are you originally from?
Singapore, South East Asia.

What do you love about your city?
The food is amazing and so cheap, too.

Tell us something about your hometown that not many people know.
Singapore recently lifted its ban off oral sex. It used to be illegal unless it led to intercourse. Singapore has strange laws, haha.

How do you normally start your day?
Wake at 10, type up some emails, lunch, draw/paint, dinner, draw, and watch a movie before bed if I actually get all of that shit done. Yay.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how radical are you. And no modesty please.
Absolute 10. haha

Army of Snipers Crew. What is it and how did you get involved?
Aaron (Angry Woebot) found my work online and emailed me, we got along really well and he invited me into the crew. The crew is made up of members from around the world - Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, US, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia and we work across many mediums, graffiti, art, animation, toys etc. Some of our members are Tanja Jade, Luke Chueh, Angry Woebot, Pixel Pancho, Scribe, J-RYU.

You've been in Kult Magazine, SUPB*A*ROTH's Halloween issue and a bunch of other zines I can't seem to recall... and every time you're work always stands out. What other magazines have you been in or invite to design for?
Thanks! I've been in various issues of KULT...SUPB*A*ROTH's a giant zine from Thailand, it's super cool! I can't remember which other magazines but i recently submitted some characters and logos for Stickerbomb 3 and Los Logos 6. Some of my branding/illustration work is going to be featured in a character x branding design book but i'm not sure what the title is. I'll be in the next issue of Colorink Book, too.

Whenever I look at your work the characters from Dr. Seuss always seem to come to mind. What artists/shows/books inspired you growing up?
You're the 2nd person to say that, my friend went to a theme park and emailed me some Dr. Suess pictures last year saying it looked like one of my characters. MAMBO illustrations! Reg Mombassa's art is so rad. I was in a store in Bali last year and they had a Reg Mombassa book I couldn't peel my eyes off! Also, vintage horror posters, illustrations, movies.

When you were young what did you spend most of your time doing?
I spent most of my time being a nerd. Playing around with computer games, books. Being boring. Staring at blank spaces.

Righteous. What is your preferred medium?
pen and paper or spraypaint

If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
Gnarly, imperfect, ugly colorful characters

What shows have you done/ are preparing for?
I just finished painting a hotel in Cambodia in January. 2011 was amazing, i travelled a lot more and painted in Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, different parts of Thailand, Singapore, LA and met many amazing artists who became friends. The Little Lotus Project is one project i will hold close to my heart because i got so much out of it, those kids were so lovely. There were many ups and downs seeing the conditions these kids and their families lived in. I will be a part of the traveling G40 group show organized by ArtWhino this June.

You've done so many murals: Little Lotus Project Converse Singapore and even some street art with our Art director YOK. Have you always been a street artist or is this a recent love affair?
My first show was a toy show with some street artists in Singapore in 2005. They were cool boys and I was a nerdface. They got me started on my first wall, I remember being really nervous at the beginning of it all not having worked on such a large scale before, but second, third wall, fourth, it just got better and better and much more fun. So, I wasn't a cool kid but my friends who were way cooler than me, got me started on painting walls.

You recently moved to New York, a little while ago. How's your experience with the city been so far?
I recently went to my first mosh at age 28. Not knowing it was going to be one. It was awesome!

What do you collect and/or obsessed with currently?
I have a small collection of Mr. Potato heads and a large collection of stickers I've been collecting since young. I LOVE STICKERS and I love making my own sticker packs to sell, too.

Advice to other aspiring, artists/illustrators out there:
Curate your work - haha I learnt this myself recently!

Where can we see more of your work? (websites, links, ect.)
I re-organized all my shit recently, and I also learnt that tumblr is a powerful tool.
So for now it's:

What's a Kingbrown?
King Poopoo!