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NZ Styles

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All Fresco from Sacha Stejko Productions on Vimeo.


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If you have ever visited the windy capital city of New Zealand you no doubt would have seen a DRYPNZ character or two. Here are a few words with the young artist who has been doing big things.

Name, age, where are you from?
Jon Drypnz, 1987. Portsmouth, England / St. Croix, USVI / Wellington, New Zealand.

You've been living and working from Wellington New Zealand for a while now, can you tell us about the city you currently call home?
Wellington is somewhat individual, unpredictable weather most of the time. It is a quiet little city that stays awake as long as it can. Its economic downturn has allowed the creative sorts to flourish and it is beginning to show with the corners starting to show their true colors. At the moment things are picking up in regards to being a self directed layabout, but I'm sure you'll start hearing more about Wellington in the years to come, if it all continues along this path.

How do you describe your work to strangers?
Dogmatic figurative abstractions.

So what's up with the little heads man?
Seems a few people do big heads, some started to doing similar ones to what I was doing so I thought why not try creating a figure that was the same but the opposite to what I had been doing previously. I was also disturbed by the 'Beetle Juice' film when I was growing up, so that might have something to do with it.


w/ PNTR,

Most awkward moment while painting outdoors?
I've had a few moments, but the most topical might have to be the time I had to calm an old woman down. She was growing 'organic' vegetables in the city and complaining that my aerosol cans were ruining how organic they were. The next was getting hit over the head with a hammer in Melbourne suburbs because some guys thought I was Karl, turns out I wasn't Karl.

What else are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working out new ideas, as usual, and experimenting with spacial installations. There are also plans of some travels on the horizon, local and international excursions. We also have some shows coming up, one is the second annual fundraising exhibition for The Little Lotus Project, some good people involved in that one. Some stuff happening in Melbourne with the Just Another family. There is also the second Graffiato Festival in Taupo next month. Other than that just more walls, trying to get them where and when ever possible, the pocket is only so deep.

Studio essentials?
Pencil and paper, and then the walls, the roof, and the floor.

Favourite colour(s) and materials to work with if money was no obstacle?
Possibly a dessert orange, near black green, near black purple, light turquoise/teal, and white. These as matching tones of both aerosol and acrylic/emulsion/latex pain, a extendable pole, a hover board, an assistant/ morale-booster, some chips, drink, idea rememberer device, and a ride home.

Plus my ideas are on, you won't want to steal them.