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Posted by: Ian Mutch on the 12th of December, 2013, 81 comments
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I like magazines. I'm guessing Lucas Beaufort from France does too. In his project "Recover", Lucas hi-jacks the covers of some of the worlds best mags, creating his own characters within the environment and layout of hundreds of publications like Vice, Transworld, Thrasher and Skateboarder mag.
Lucas describes "reinterpreting a picture is like giving it a second chance, a new life". He sent us his own magazine, displaying all the latest magazine covers that he's painted on. more here

John Fellows

Posted by: Ian Mutch on the 10th of December, 2013, 4 comments
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Nice to receive some goodies in the mail once in a while.. real printed material that is. Here are some cool little zines showing the creative process and latest happenings from John Fellows.


Posted by: Sarah on the 19th of September, 2013, 2 comments
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The winner of our Instagram drawing contest is...(insert drumroll here)...@stueeeee! Congrats, man! We'll be in touch shortly to arrange for delivery of your prize pack, courtesy of LEAD Watches and Kingbrown Magazine.

Thanks to everyone who entered! This was a difficult decision for us.

Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways!

Kingbrown Magazine x LEAD Watches Instagram Contest

Posted by: Sarah on the 15th of August, 2013, 121 comments
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Kingbrown Magazine is proud to partner with LEAD Watches to sponsor an Instagram drawing contest! The best "time travel" themed illustration will win the latest issue of Kingbrown and a timepiece of his/her choice from the LEAD Watches collection! (FYI: This is the guy behind the Mr. Penfold watch, featured in a previous blog post.) For more information on available timepieces, check out

The winner will also receive a sticker pack (including 45RPM and Mr. Penfold slaps), art prints from 45RPM and Dirty30 (signed!), Mila K poster, and Rootz Artwork beanie, ALL generously provided by LEAD Watches!

Rules are simple:
1.)         Follow both @kingbrown and @steve_leadwatches on Instagram
2.)         Post all illustrations using the hashtag #kingbrownxlead
3.)         Repost contest details (flyer and rules) to your own account


Bob Lawrie

Posted by: sheryo on the 3rd of December, 2012, 25 comments
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Brilliant Bob Lawrie

Be sweet, deadbeat

Posted by: sheryo on the 3rd of December, 2012, 1039 comments
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Super rad weirdo Sean Morris has a show in melbourne this thursday.


Posted by: Cleo on the 29th of June, 2012, 5 comments
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Ghostpatrol is a Melbourne based artist that takes you on a journey of space exploration and time travel. Using multiple mediums to explore the super future Ghostpatrol invites you to ask questions and look beyond your immediate existence and atomic configuration. We caught up with him in Melbourne to check out his current show and see what he was up to this year.

Average day in the life of Ghostpatrol?
Wake early, answer emails and head to studio to paint all day, home to sleep and repeat.
On other days my day is broken up visiting my friends studio and some late evening ping pong and sunset watching.

Study or self taught?
Self taught through practical experience and working alongside other talented artists.

What's Backwoods Gallery?
Backwoods is a team of artists and curators, think Voltron!

I started Backwoods with some close friends to share and exhibit the art that we want to see from around the world.It's great for me to have a perfect space for my exhibitions in Melbourne. The biggest bonus has been the opportunity to give back to the community that has supported me as well as curating and working as an assistant for some of my favourite artists.

Can you tell us about the recent structure you built for your solo exhibition at Backwoods?
My recent sculpture is part of an ongoing body of collaborative work with Tristan Jalleh.
We recently rebuilt it for its new owner. It now lives outside under some large pine trees. Plants are slowly growing over it. It's slowly being absorbed back into the earth.

So you build, paint, make and draw. Any mediums in particular you are wanting to explore this year?
I've been researching ceramics for a while now, I'm almost ready to dive in. I've also been getting back into hand drawn animation.

Projects/shows your currently working on?
I just opened a collaborative exhibition with Miso at the amazing Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney.
I'm always producing my work along way in advance of deadlines, so at the moment I'm working on some exhibitions for next year and other secret projects.

Studio essentials?
I have a few favorite brushes though I try not to be too dependent on specific supplies. I'm always surrounded by little figurines and treasure.

You can check out more of Ghostpatrol's work at

Artist to watch: Ryan Fortney

Posted by: Rachel on the 28th of February, 2012, 67 comments
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Describe where you live.
I live in a warehouse called The Copy Cat in Baltimore, Maryland. I rent a loft with 9 other friends on the B side, called Soppy Hat. We are currently building a multi-purpose space to house a gallery and book/zine showcase, as well as facilities for projection, printing, and brewing.

What do you love about your city?
Falls Rd., Florence Crittenton Services of Baltimore, Hampdenites, Joy Boy, Atomic Books, More Gore, 16 Tons, Neck Data, Pedx, F.R.B.B., Wynonna Rydazz

Tell us something about your hometown that not many people know.
Skateboarding is a crime.

Tell Us about The Copy Cat and how you got involved.
I moved from Philadelphia to Baltimore in August, where I was living in an abandoned institutional compound with my friends. That lasted for a while until Lord Carrol relinquished his claim to the land, and thus, we were evicted. We needed to find a spot quickly that could house 10 people. We knew the Copy Cat Theater space was opening up, so we moved here at the end of 2011.

What is your preferred medium?
Pen & ink, screen print

If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
Our grim present, Catholic architecture, inbred capital of the USA, liney, Video Nasties worship

What shows have you done/ are preparing for?
Kam Yu Lam veteran. Currently building space to show work here in Baltimore, so stay tuned for details about our first show.

What do you collect and/or obsessed with currently?
Anyone who knows me offline knows that I like to collect a bunch of crap like records, zines, and horror movies. I've loved VHS artwork and their packaging ever since my mom got me obsessed with horror when I was a little kid. I have vivid memories of going to Video Tonight in my neighborhood and being starstruck by the horror and action illustrations and their over the top sizes. I have a soft spot for slashers and firmly believe, "The bigger the box, the better."

What makes you laugh?
Friends, Hampden fashions

What makes for a perfect life?
Alone time.

When you were young what did you spend most of your time doing?
Skateboarding, building shit then destroying it, throwing crab apples, man hunt, UMK3, Super Mario World, burning stuff in the woods, etc.

What songs are you listening to right now?
Comus, new Chief Phloem mix, Talking Heads, Rush, Weakling, Nujabes

Any projects you working on currently?
A bunch of stuff at the moment. Working on cassette packaging for a new Chief Phloem tape, and hopefully collaborating on a show together after our space is built out. Working on some images for Andrea Kalfas's new zine which is all about my favorite TV show, Twin Peaks. It's gonna be a nerdy one for sure, so If you love Twin Peaks, you can pick up a copy at the SPX 2012. I will be screen printing my first movie poster this year, for a film directed by two friends. New personal zine in the works as well as monthly VHS projections.
Twin peaks shirt

If you could live in any alternative Universe, it would be...
Infinite Dark Shadows sitcom universe.

Favorite Horror Film/Movie Monster.
Guh, that's a hard one. 70's? Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 80's? Sledgehammer. 90's? Brainscan.

Favorite studio Items

Recommend any good websites?

Where can we see more of your work? (websites, links, etc.)

What's a Kingbrown?
Chili cheese dog.