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New Walls by Yok and Sheryo at Coney Island

Posted by: Yok on the 13th of July, 2015, 33 comments
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Coney Island Art Walls
This June we were invited by Jeffrey Deitch to participate in the Coney Island Art walls in Brooklyn NY, alongside a talented roster of artists including, Futura, Crash, How and Nosm and many more. Taking influence from our surroundings and borrowing a colour palate from the roller coasters and food stands, we made this Banana split hot diggity dog wall.


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A little teaser from walls completed at ALL FRESCO 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. To see a full set of images from the weekend check out

Owen Dippie, photograph by Erin Dippie
Drypnz in progress, photograph by Cleo Barnett
Askew One by Route52
Xoe Hall


Posted by: Cleo on the 7th of July, 2014, 15 comments
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Street art, New Zealand styles.


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New ARCADE X ASKEW ONE limited edition decks launching tonight in Auckland.

Details for event tonight here.


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If you have ever visited the windy capital city of New Zealand you no doubt would have seen a DRYPNZ character or two. Here are a few words with the young artist who has been doing big things.

Name, age, where are you from?
Jon Drypnz, 1987. Portsmouth, England / St. Croix, USVI / Wellington, New Zealand.

You've been living and working from Wellington New Zealand for a while now, can you tell us about the city you currently call home?
Wellington is somewhat individual, unpredictable weather most of the time. It is a quiet little city that stays awake as long as it can. Its economic downturn has allowed the creative sorts to flourish and it is beginning to show with the corners starting to show their true colors. At the moment things are picking up in regards to being a self directed layabout, but I'm sure you'll start hearing more about Wellington in the years to come, if it all continues along this path.

How do you describe your work to strangers?
Dogmatic figurative abstractions.

So what's up with the little heads man?
Seems a few people do big heads, some started to doing similar ones to what I was doing so I thought why not try creating a figure that was the same but the opposite to what I had been doing previously. I was also disturbed by the 'Beetle Juice' film when I was growing up, so that might have something to do with it.


w/ PNTR,

Most awkward moment while painting outdoors?
I've had a few moments, but the most topical might have to be the time I had to calm an old woman down. She was growing 'organic' vegetables in the city and complaining that my aerosol cans were ruining how organic they were. The next was getting hit over the head with a hammer in Melbourne suburbs because some guys thought I was Karl, turns out I wasn't Karl.

What else are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working out new ideas, as usual, and experimenting with spacial installations. There are also plans of some travels on the horizon, local and international excursions. We also have some shows coming up, one is the second annual fundraising exhibition for The Little Lotus Project, some good people involved in that one. Some stuff happening in Melbourne with the Just Another family. There is also the second Graffiato Festival in Taupo next month. Other than that just more walls, trying to get them where and when ever possible, the pocket is only so deep.

Studio essentials?
Pencil and paper, and then the walls, the roof, and the floor.

Favourite colour(s) and materials to work with if money was no obstacle?
Possibly a dessert orange, near black green, near black purple, light turquoise/teal, and white. These as matching tones of both aerosol and acrylic/emulsion/latex pain, a extendable pole, a hover board, an assistant/ morale-booster, some chips, drink, idea rememberer device, and a ride home.

Plus my ideas are on, you won't want to steal them.


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Here's a look at at some Summer rooftop shenanigans over in Brooklyn with Roach, Yok and Creepy.

A day in Melbourne

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A day in Melbourne captured in film. Art covers the streets, art studios tucked behind every corner and a city that never sleeps. Radtown.

Drew Funk!

Posted by: Cleo on the 14th of May, 2012, 4 comments
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I met up with Drew Funk at The Beast, a new restaurant in East Brunswick that he was commissioned to do some painting at in Melbourne. We chatted over some beers on his paint break about where he is at, what he is up to and his plans for the future. Love this guys work and his attitude towards life so wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!

Describe where your living at the moment.
Grew up in Malaysia but been in Melbourne for 7 years now. To me Melbourne is the most creative hub in Australia and has played a major role in where I am today as an artist. Melbourne is raw, true and honest.

Study or self taught?
I studied multimedia and design but have been painting grafitti since I was 15. I choose to become an artist. Or maybe it chose me? This is what I do and I'm not changing it for anyone. This is one of the main reasons I stopped doing graphic design for big companies, the whole having to constantly change your work for other people. My art is honest and I can't change it for anyone. When you're honest in what you do everything else fits into place.

If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
My work is based on my utopia. My utopias. My own land. It started out with graffiti but my work has opened up and allowed me to discover my own cultural background. I study old school masters and channeling my knowledge through spray paint which is a modern day medium.

I have a name for my style. I call it Oriental Funk. My energy comes from guys I look up to like Bruce Lee which is in between worlds, Eastern and Western.

Describe your studio space?
It's a mess (laughs). Been there for 4 years now. It's a big part of my life. I'm being influenced by not just graff at Blender Studios but also fine artists. There's a good energy in the studio. Rather then just colleagues we are family.

Day in the shoes of Drew Funk?
Wake up. Coffee first. Its really important you know :) I start my day with drawings, some emails, Facebook and all those social network things. Then I sort out painting, buying paint and traveling around checking out locations. I'm painting a commission every 4 days or so at the moment.

This year I'm compiling a book of all my work since 2003, self publishing. It will track my evolution from egg to dragon (laughs).

Anywhere in the world that you particularly want to travel to and paint?
Next year I'm heading overseas particularly to show people my book. I want to use my book to go overseas...San Francisco, LA, New York then over to Europe, Berlin, Hamburg. I want to do a few shows overseas then have my debut show in Malaysia. This is really important to me.

Any other mediums you're itching to try?
Oil. I will one day but I'm just too scared (laughs). Most comfortable medium for me is spray paint. I can draw a straighter line with that then pencil. To me I want to paint surreal but also push limits past street art - illustration, stencils, painting all combined into one.

What are you up to at the moment?
Doing commissions, compiling work for my book & detoxing....kinda....eating healthy, getting healthy....but I don't mind if tonight's not healthy (laughs). It's all about the good vibes. Thats what gets me going.

Last question, favorite type of paint?
Molotow - Belton. That's my chosen medium.

A Virtual Sit Down With Shida

Posted by: Cleo on the 7th of May, 2012, 23 comments
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Name, age, where are you from?
Shida, 22, Gold Coast Australia

Describe where you live at the moment.
At the moment I've been traveling for the last 4 months, before that the last year I didn't live anywhere for more than a few months at a time. I think I'm searching for home at the moment and the more places I go the harder it's getting to decide.

Study or self taught?
Self taught. Tried art school but dropped out.




If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
Everyone says I'm terrible at describing my own work. I think its energy, bright colours, natural stokes and fractals.
All my work is based in the same wall, with each work breathing life and adding to the saga. My art has evolved into a kind of voice for me, while it certainly escapist a lot of my life finds its way in, it's all ecstasy, tension, relationships and memories put through a Shida filter.

You're always on the move. What sort of studio space do you manage?
I haven't had a proper studio ever. It been tiny apartments or parents garages and now it's a studio that fits in a backpack, a studio in the street. I really miss having a home but at the moment I feel like I need to achieve something before I deserve to settle.

Average day in the life of Shida?
I try to do something for my art every day. Sometimes, especially when you are traveling this can be difficult but I just try making the most of what I have to work with and enjoy myself. In the city I love to walk, put up stickers, watch the people, get a coffee, pick out spots, think about my work. On the weekend I see my friends and crew, go dancing celebrate my weeks achievements.

What do the next few months look like?
I have a show opening in Vienna at INOPERAbLE the 9th, from there I'm heading to Poland, London and then Paris. Then the real traveling begins, I plan to Eurail form Lisbon to Athens.



Gnarly Girl interview with Sheryo

Posted by: Rachel on the 17th of March, 2012, 3 comments
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Describe where you live.
I live at a friend's apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the moment. Love the neighborhood; it's a mix of all sorts of people. The thing about NYC is that there are so many interesting people dressed in different ways and they all come from different places and lead extremely different lives. EVERYONE seem to have heaps of stories, the streets are full of energy. I lived in Cambodia for about 4 months and it was amazing too, but the juxtaposition of opulence and poverty got a little depressing at times. I also discovered this amazing bookstore near the apartment, it's called the Desert Island. Every time I go in there I bug out on all the self-published zines and books and whatnot.

Where are you originally from?
Singapore, South East Asia.

What do you love about your city?
The food is amazing and so cheap, too.

Tell us something about your hometown that not many people know.
Singapore recently lifted its ban off oral sex. It used to be illegal unless it led to intercourse. Singapore has strange laws, haha.

How do you normally start your day?
Wake at 10, type up some emails, lunch, draw/paint, dinner, draw, and watch a movie before bed if I actually get all of that shit done. Yay.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how radical are you. And no modesty please.
Absolute 10. haha

Army of Snipers Crew. What is it and how did you get involved?
Aaron (Angry Woebot) found my work online and emailed me, we got along really well and he invited me into the crew. The crew is made up of members from around the world - Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, US, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia and we work across many mediums, graffiti, art, animation, toys etc. Some of our members are Tanja Jade, Luke Chueh, Angry Woebot, Pixel Pancho, Scribe, J-RYU.

You've been in Kult Magazine, SUPB*A*ROTH's Halloween issue and a bunch of other zines I can't seem to recall... and every time you're work always stands out. What other magazines have you been in or invite to design for?
Thanks! I've been in various issues of KULT...SUPB*A*ROTH's a giant zine from Thailand, it's super cool! I can't remember which other magazines but i recently submitted some characters and logos for Stickerbomb 3 and Los Logos 6. Some of my branding/illustration work is going to be featured in a character x branding design book but i'm not sure what the title is. I'll be in the next issue of Colorink Book, too.

Whenever I look at your work the characters from Dr. Seuss always seem to come to mind. What artists/shows/books inspired you growing up?
You're the 2nd person to say that, my friend went to a theme park and emailed me some Dr. Suess pictures last year saying it looked like one of my characters. MAMBO illustrations! Reg Mombassa's art is so rad. I was in a store in Bali last year and they had a Reg Mombassa book I couldn't peel my eyes off! Also, vintage horror posters, illustrations, movies.

When you were young what did you spend most of your time doing?
I spent most of my time being a nerd. Playing around with computer games, books. Being boring. Staring at blank spaces.

Righteous. What is your preferred medium?
pen and paper or spraypaint

If you had to describe your work to a stranger, what would you say?
Gnarly, imperfect, ugly colorful characters

What shows have you done/ are preparing for?
I just finished painting a hotel in Cambodia in January. 2011 was amazing, i travelled a lot more and painted in Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, different parts of Thailand, Singapore, LA and met many amazing artists who became friends. The Little Lotus Project is one project i will hold close to my heart because i got so much out of it, those kids were so lovely. There were many ups and downs seeing the conditions these kids and their families lived in. I will be a part of the traveling G40 group show organized by ArtWhino this June.

You've done so many murals: Little Lotus Project Converse Singapore and even some street art with our Art director YOK. Have you always been a street artist or is this a recent love affair?
My first show was a toy show with some street artists in Singapore in 2005. They were cool boys and I was a nerdface. They got me started on my first wall, I remember being really nervous at the beginning of it all not having worked on such a large scale before, but second, third wall, fourth, it just got better and better and much more fun. So, I wasn't a cool kid but my friends who were way cooler than me, got me started on painting walls.

You recently moved to New York, a little while ago. How's your experience with the city been so far?
I recently went to my first mosh at age 28. Not knowing it was going to be one. It was awesome!

What do you collect and/or obsessed with currently?
I have a small collection of Mr. Potato heads and a large collection of stickers I've been collecting since young. I LOVE STICKERS and I love making my own sticker packs to sell, too.

Advice to other aspiring, artists/illustrators out there:
Curate your work - haha I learnt this myself recently!

Where can we see more of your work? (websites, links, ect.)
I re-organized all my shit recently, and I also learnt that tumblr is a powerful tool.
So for now it's:

What's a Kingbrown?
King Poopoo!