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Street art, New Zealand styles.


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Inner Myths from Shida on Vimeo.

Backwoods Gallery is proud to present Inner Myths, a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by Shida.

The exhibition is a dynamic record of Shida's development as an artist who envisions infinite worlds. Considering an array of approaches, through Inner Myths, he synthesises styles as diverse as Science Fiction Art, French Post-Impressionism and Russian Symbolist Art in his depiction of ethereal realities. Influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nikolai Kalmakov, for Inner Myths, as Australia's most prolific young street artist, Shida reinvokes two centuries of art history in his characteristic style.

Inner Myths presents a refined body of works, demonstrating that Shida is an asset to Australian contemporary art, who is constantly challenging himself against the sources of his inspiration.

Inner Myths by Shida
Friday the 4th of July
Melbourne, Australia

The Yok x Sheryo

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Facebook / Instagram

Where did the name Fresh Max originate?

FRESH MAX is like a brand for the ultimate freshness... and my name is Max.

Your style is sick and refreshing - where does your style come from? Influences? Inspiration?

I am inspired by stuff like the strange details of run-down corners in Vienna, faded store windows and many colourful 1EUR- and souvenir- stores. The aesthetic should move between gold chains and the Wurstelstand romance. I like to combine the charm of the Austrian petty bourgeoisie with urban graffiti culture and media images.

KNARF & MAFIA, can you tell us about them? Are you guys part of a crew? Is there anyone else we should be looking out for?

Those guys are living the same strange life like me. So we lately founded the IRGA IRGA Crew. You can check out their blogs Knarf and Mafia to find out more about them. And you should be looking out for all artist which are featured in next WANDBLATT issue. Just to name some of the artists from austria: Perfekt World, Cancontrollers (Mamut and Kryot), Sobekcis and Vunik.

You guys were featured in a mini exhibition at Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space for Amateur Magazine - How did that happen? And recently, you guys painted with Mr. Penfold and Numskull, how did that come about?

The Amateur Magazine had a focus on vienna in the last issue and they asked for a feature. So every featured artist had the possibility to show some work at the mini exhibition.

Numskull was artist in residence in vienna for one month to do an exhibition at the Perfekt Box. After his exhibition my solo exhibition started in the same gallery. There we met and had a good time. Mr. Penfold visited vienna because he is a good friend of Numskull and so it was the perfect opportunity to paint a big production together.

The 3 5 0 0 project: what was the process like to paint that 3500-meter wall in Vienna? Are there some funny stories you can tell us from painting 3 months there?

It was the hardest and most crazy project I ever did and I learned a lot about painting, project management and teamwork. During the work a lot of funny and strange things happened. The funniest story was, when we had to paint the skatepark which was a part of the whole project, and we all haven't been skateboarding for many years. But if you are working in a skatepark, you can`t resist to try, and find out if you are as good as you think you were in your childhood. So after we had some beers for lunch, we started skating. Two minutes later Knarf fell and broke his knee. So the last month he had to work while walking around with criggets.

Any exhibitions, artwork or walls coming up that you can tell us about?

At the moment i have a solo exhibition at the PERFEKT BOX GALLERY/ Museumsquatier Vienna. It is on till June. And at the beginning of July we gonna publish the 2nd edition of the "ein WANDBLATT aus Wien" Magazine. For the release at the RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT GALLERY, we had the idea to let all the artists which are featured in the magazine show some of their work. IRGA IRGA will design a T-shirt for the R.E.M Gallery. We are also working on two upcoming IRGA IRGA exhibitions in Carinthia and Upper Austria. If there is some time left during summer, I will make some painting roadtrips through Europe with my Crew mates KNARF and MAFIA.

Also, are you behind the WANDLATT books?

Yeah KNARF, MAFIA and I developed the WANDBLATT Magazine. Its a totally self-made and self published print graffiti magazine from vienna. Soon you can get all infos here:

What's a Kingbrown to you?

Visiting the toilet after a big cup of coffee in the morning.


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Good friend of Kingbrown, Beastman has a new show at Backwoods next month. Future Origins will consist of a series of acrylic and ink paintings on wood, large wall installations, prints, sculptural work and an array of experiments with video animation. Get down to Easey Street, Collingwood for opening night Friday May 16th.

9 days 45 artists 30 walls - perth WA

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PUBLIC - Perth City

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PUBLIC is a celebration of art and creativity about to hit the walls and laneways of Perth, Western Australia, April 5-13. Artists include Remed, Roa, Saner, Pixel Pancho, Phlegm, Gaia, Kid Zoom, Stormie Mills, Beastman, Vans the Omega, Phibs, Yok, Sheryo, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Ian Mutch, Anya Brock, Amok Island, Last Chance, Andrew Frazer and more.

Nasty Goreng.Yok and Sheryo

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We have a rad show on this Friday in Perth at Turner Gallery.
Including Batik work and new sculptural pieces hand mad in Jogjakarta. Get down and take a look. Below is a sneak peek of our process photo's

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Re.Discover is an annual walking art exhibition created to showcase established Australian & International artists through the painting & exhibiting of exterior murals in the streets of Bunbury's CBD.

Check out the video wrap up of Re.Discover Bunbury 2014 featuring Stormie Mills, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Anya Brock, Jodee Knowles, Tim Howe & Andrew Frazer. ...Stay tuned for 2015.

Film by Peacock Visuals

Corpse corps

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Corpse Corps is a skateboarding + lifestyle brand that functions as an art collective, cranking out well-designed skateboards and apparel in New York City.

They're currently funding via kickstarter so get onboard and support right here, and you'll be first in line for great Corpse Corps product.

"Our work focuses on graphic design, illustration, typography, and painting... in collaboration with a great network of artists, we incorporate a realistic level of grit in our graphics, with a strong attention to detail in the production of our boards and clothing. Our current line of skateboards have an innovative coffin shape with an old-school feel... like skateboard designs of an earlier era, when skateboarding was less competitive, more individualistic, and was grounded in a culture synonymous with creativity."