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Tell us a bit about yourself, where did the name Curiot originate from?

The name Curiot came about during my paste-up days. My friend and I would always name the characters I created at the time and one of those was Curiot, I liked it so much that I started signing my wheat pastes with it.

Your work is really amazing, from your paintings to walls even sculptures. Blows my mind everytime I see something new. How did you gain your style? Any other influences besides the Mexican culture?

Thank you, what I make now is the result of a few years of experimenting with different styles. I feel that every past series I made was laying the foundation to my present style, now I wonder where this work will take me. Yes, of course. During my art school days I ran into the work of artists like Jeff Soto, Mars-1, Brendan Monroe, Ron English, Blaine Fontana, Camille Rose Garcia and the list goes on but after that my work was never the same.

Can you talk about the meaning behind your art? I really like that your creatures have names and a purpose. In a old interview you mentioned you like to work in series. Is the art you doing now one of many series to come?

Most of my work deals with social and environmental issues and the distance we have created between man and nature. The creatures represent the spirit of nature and they also give me the chance to explore my roots. Yeah, each show I have is a new possible series for me and the work I'm making now is inspired on the citys. I might have to continue this series with a second show in order to completely solve it.

Any exhibitions or artwork you can tell us about that you're working on now? Walls that you plan to paint?

I have a two man showing coming up at Thinkspace Gallery, I'll be showing work alongside Nosego. I've also been working on a big wall here in Mexico City, it should be finished in the next couple of days.

Whats a kingbrown to you?

A big crazy ass bird

Mister Thoms

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Mister Thoms is another artist coming out of Italy that I've been following for a year now. Everything he's been putting out makes me laugh and surprises me. I can honestly say you can give this man any wall and he will come out with something amazing. Having a relationship with Zed1 i jumped on the opportunity to get a interview and this is how it turned out. Enjoy.

Where did the name Mister Thoms originate from?

It is an onomatopoeic sound like something that bounces from one surface to another, in a constant dynamic motion, a soft elasticity that allows it to move in many different places, but always maintaining a cadence, a gait that characterizes his style.

Every wall you have been painting has been my favorite. The 3D one is crazy!How did you gain your style? Influences?

Generally I take inspiration from the street and the vibration of the reality and usually is the wall that talks me about the subject. My style didn't start up but take form all times in a different way depending the environments

Can you talk about your relationship with Zed1. When did you guys start painting together? Both of your styles work great together.

My collaboration with Zed1 started 5 years ago and I felt straight away good vibes in his works, It's easy to get something cool when you work with a great artist who is also a real good friend. It's chemistry

You work in many different mediums, any instrument you think of exploring next? Animation maybe?

Animation done... For sure I will keep experimenting video making, bonded with the street art channel

Any exhibitions or artwork you can tells about that you're working on now? Walls that you plan to paint?

My first aim at the moment is restyle my house and create my massive studio where I can work in harmony with myself... I have some new project in progress but it's a secret at the moment

Whats a kingbrown to you?

It's a great opportunity to show my work and meet new artists and interesting people.

Neon golden

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Neat film by Michael Danischewski to re-cap Neon Golden, brought to you by The Hours. check it out..

Kingbrown launches in Singapore

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Here's some rad pics from our recent Kingbrown issue 9 launch at Kult Gallery, Singapore. Images: Farah Hannah.

Live painting by Sheryo, Ian Mutch and Ican Harem

Two One and Shida

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13 storey abseiling mural Hong Kong, Two One and Shida. from Shida ZRF on Vimeo.


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Straight out of Italy Zed1 is getting to be one of my new favorite artist. Not only is his work amazing but Zed1 breaks street art boundaries by starting his Second Skin Project. Had the chance to interview Zed1 in person as he painted a warehouse garage in Queens, NY and with a bit of a language barrier we managed to get an interview going while sippin on beers. Enjoy.

Where did the name Zed1 originate from?

Very long story but me and my friend started a crew named Zed Speed. As time passed my friend stop painting and I stayed with the word Zed because I like that the name shows up in funny movies, like in Police Academy and it's funny. I added the one because I like a number next to my name.

One of my favorite walls you did was the "Everybody Wants To Be Special" in Oslo, Norway. How did you gain your style?

When I was in the crew I was known to be the best for characters and background. Coming from Italy the culture and surroundings influences me a lot, painting for so long what I paint now is my style.

How did the idea "Second Skin Project" come about? Because I've been looking at street art for years now and I personally say your on next level shit.

I wanted to make work, thinking ok.. you see that but i see something different from you. I like that people can see my work today and in a few months see it differently. They can have an opinion now and later have a different opinion. Time changes the person, changes the idea. When I think of the second skin, I think that theres a second version of the same person. You can see people and think that there that way but inside there different, so I tried to make that with the second style. I also like that people and weather can play with my work, and remove the skin. Second skin is for the people, to talk to the people, to have a connection with the people.

Your art has taken you to many places like NY, can you tell us where you like to paint?

When I paint I always search for connection. I like to talk to people, talk to know the local story of the space. I painted in Romania before I came here to NY. It's really destroyed, the buildings have no color. I think it's the perfect place to paint, because the perfect place to paint is the poor areas. The rich areas are clean and perfect, but for me I like my art to be in destroyed situations. I think in places like Romania or South America you can ask people to paint their wall and they say yes because the wall is dirty and crappy. In those areas you have a big canvas with the background ready. The future for the street art is the poor areas.

Any exhibitions or artwork you can tells about that you're working on now?

Zed1 explained to me he wanted to keep his work a surprise. He told me his secret and from what he said, you can expect exhibition boundaries are also going to be broken.

What's a kingbrown to you?

I don't know. A Kingbrown for me is a king with brown hair. haha

Thank you Zed1, you can look out for prints coming out soon at Bottleneck Gallery you can follow Zed1's work on his Facebook Page or his site Zed1.


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This Handmade A5 zine contains just over 50 pages of never seen before photos taken from all over the world (AUSTRALIA,USA,SOUTH AMERICA, JAPAN, UK, EUROPE,ASIA..etcetc) of things ive stumbled upon along the way digital/film/polaroid.... So really just a whole bunch of anti social behavior, party, grime, graffiti and shitbag material.

Lazer Printed Leather grain cover/ in black & white / some colour.
Each zine comes with a signed sticker and 2 hard copy photos.

Thanks and enjoy ENJOY!


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The winner of our Instagram drawing contest is...(insert drumroll here)...@stueeeee! Congrats, man! We'll be in touch shortly to arrange for delivery of your prize pack, courtesy of LEAD Watches and Kingbrown Magazine.

Thanks to everyone who entered! This was a difficult decision for us.

Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways!

Kingbrown launches in Singapore

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We're on the move again, teaming up with our friends from Kult 3d for our release of issue 9 in Singapore next week. Get along to Kult Gallery, Thurs Sept 26th for a massive lineup of local and international artists. Beers to enjoy, plus mag and shirt deals on the night. Starts at 7pm.

Nychos x Sheryo x The Yok

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Danny Dwyer smashed together this little vid of Nychos x Sheryo x The Yok taking care of the Issue 9 Launch at the Schoolhouse Gallery in BK.