Kingbrown issue 10

Posted by: Ian Mutch on the 10th of January, 2015, 35 comments
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Kingbrown issue 10 has been printed and is currently being shipped to distributors and stockists this month.
This mammoth issue is co-curated by legends Sean Morris and Tom Groves from Black Canyon Projects, with support from our friends at Form WA.
Features brown bag art by Future Colors of America, cover by Brendan Monroe, foldout neon poster by Malarko, diecut vinyl sticker by Sheryo, and a glow in the dark patch by Stevie Gee. There's interviews of all these artists, plus features on Saner, Neck Face, Hellen Jo, Lugosis and many more.
We'll be selling it on our web shop as soon as it's available so stay tuned!

Daek William Update

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"[This] visually satisfying still life representation of the sneakers reflect our own totally awesome vibes; these are the treasures we collect. [In] 2015, you'll see me cross this platform with my portraiture bandits for an extra feast for peoples' eyes, then sprinkling in 3D sculptural elements for the mind-fucking." - Daek William.

Miami Ad School

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Kyle Hughes-Odgers at Perth Airport

Posted by: Ian Mutch on the 28th of August, 2014, 30 comments
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When i was a kid, airports were cool. Long lay overs and extra security has taken the shine off them, but there's still something awesome about seeing foreign people coming and going to random destinations.

Perth Airport is now definitely more awesome. It's just been coated by a massive mural from Kyle Hughes-Odgers, his largest public artwork to date. Completed over 22 days, the work spans 9 walls and is located between the Perth International Airport and T2 complex.

Kyle Hughes Odgers - A Thousand Lights (Perth Airport) from Peacock Visuals on Vimeo.


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If you're over in WA this weekend, head down south to see "Conversation" a solo exhibition by Ian Mutch at Hay Shed Hill, featuring originals and limited edition prints. ..And also, the gallery is situated inside a damn fine winery. So naturally there'll be plenty of fine wine on offer. Yesss. Opens Saturday afternoon Aug 16 at 2pm.

SKIN by Tom Gould

Posted by: Cleo on the 25th of July, 2014, 70 comments
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SKIN from Tom Gould on Vimeo.

Ghostpatrol x Baywara

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Baywara The Film Crowd-funding Campaign from ben strunin on Vimeo.

Help support our Australian friend Ghostpatrol and heaps of other amazing artists on this initiative to preserve traditional culture and support contemporary art practices.


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Street art, New Zealand styles.


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Inner Myths from Shida on Vimeo.

Backwoods Gallery is proud to present Inner Myths, a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by Shida.

The exhibition is a dynamic record of Shida's development as an artist who envisions infinite worlds. Considering an array of approaches, through Inner Myths, he synthesises styles as diverse as Science Fiction Art, French Post-Impressionism and Russian Symbolist Art in his depiction of ethereal realities. Influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nikolai Kalmakov, for Inner Myths, as Australia's most prolific young street artist, Shida reinvokes two centuries of art history in his characteristic style.

Inner Myths presents a refined body of works, demonstrating that Shida is an asset to Australian contemporary art, who is constantly challenging himself against the sources of his inspiration.

Inner Myths by Shida
Friday the 4th of July
Melbourne, Australia

The Yok x Sheryo

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