So, what's a kingbrown?

"The biggest brownie"
- Aryz

"I think I paid 200 Euros for one in a whorehouse in Amsterdam once."
- Geoff McFetridge

"I think it's a small brown-crested woodpecker from eastern Perth..."
- Cycle

"A big brown hound dog wearing a gold crown. Or a Sacramento Kings jersey."
- Stacey Rozich

"Something like the sweaty residue from a really fat dude riding a fixed gear with denim cut off shorts around Williamsburg."
- Kevin Lyons

"That's the stuff I once considered was kangaroo shit, when my friend Joseph spread it on his bread for breakfast in March 2007."
- Stephan Marx

"Don't Ask"
- Dave Kinsey

"If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a reference to poop."
- Mike Giant

"Whatever you want it to be. One rule - no rules!"
- Jay Howell

" being featured in Kingbrown Magazine becomes a member of the Kingbrown family, therefore a Kingbrown."
- How & Nosm

Kingbrown is West Australian slang for a longneck beer - a 40oz. Wrapped in a brown bag, just like a good 40 should.

Sitting somewhere between a book, a magazine and an art zine, Kingbrown is a super limited edition periodical. Each issue is handcrafted, delivered inside a silk screened brown bag which is designed and curated by some of the world's leading innovators of photography, illustration and urban and skateboard art and design.

Inside Kingbrown you will find profiles and interviews that take you on a twisted journey inside the studios and minds of some of our very talented friends, with the aim of keeping you inspired and connected to the subcultures we love most. Printed with quality in mind, each page is a collectable item, individually sealed and packaged.
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